Our services in the value chain increase your company's profits

Along the value chain from sales and project planning to engineering, procurement, production, delivery, on-site and service, a wide range of interdisciplinary tasks must be performed in a variety of organizational structures. All tasks require the same requirements of the people responsible at management and specialist management level. The focus is on technical and business knowledge, experience and a hands-on mentality and, last but not least, personal authenticity and leadership skills in order to successfully manage organizations, specialist teams, projects, activities or tasks of any kind.

At pureLEADERSHIP, we therefore offer our clients three levels of cooperation. We restructure inefficient processes with our "profit orientation" method so that success becomes part of everyday life. We fill order-oriented management positions, specialist management positions and project or program management along the value chain. If required, we can provide workload specialist teams to complete larger and more complex workloads in terms of quality, cost and time.      

We offer interim management at top and executive management level. Our interim managers are experienced company leaders who can responsibly implement urgent tasks that cannot be postponed with your legitimacy. pureLEADERSHIP interim management - knowledgeable, experienced, authentic, immediately available.  

Generating operating profit is a company's first priority. But this is not enough. Profits are only profits if the next project, the next order, the next market appearance and all subsequent activities generate profits on a regular basis and in the everyday life of the market economy. Everything else is a Potemkin village for the satisfaction and reassurance of the guardians.


Operational Management - Services in the value chain - in quality, in cost, in time



Engineering - lead the profit

The project profit is generated in the first step
Our specific services for your engineering projects:
  • Development of high-performance and profit-oriented engineering processes
  • Senior engineers as interdisciplinary specialist managers
  • Engineering capacity for specialist management teams for extensive projects
  • Specialist capacity in mechanical, electrical and digital design
  • Engineering in project and system planning
  • Engineering in product development, CIP and R&D
  • Industrial engineering for production processes
  • FMEA and risk analyses, quality management and documentation
  • Technical calculation and structural analysis,
  • Failure analysis, numerical physics and simulation
  • Back office engineering for production, construction sites and service

Design, or more comprehensively described with the interdisciplinary term "engineering", is often an appendage to the leading processes of sales, business area and production due to historical persistence. In these business models, it is still firmly anchored today that the actual profit is generated with the production of given products. The actual product and the associated engineering services are therefore regarded as secondary. Engineering generates costs but no profit, is often the popular opinion. In line with this widespread opinion, the profit-critical first order step in particular is blocked, if not even treated in a profit-destroying manner. However, experience over many years has shown that companies with process-led engineering structures have better profit margins than production-driven companies, even in the absence of "Excellence in Production".  

Engineering lays all the foundations for a technical order. The quality and costs of the product are determined. The production technology for manufacturing is decided, right up to the efficiency of software control, digitalization and global functional commissioning. The investment in high-performance, profit-oriented engineering acts as a leverage effect for the profit absorption of all subsequent processes, such as purchasing, supply chain, production, assembly, set-up, field delivery and service.

We therefore offer method design and management of engineering processes and rely on an agile management structure in which engineers assume interdisciplinary and economic responsibility. From the first minute of the order, for all technical aspects of the scope of delivery, to the last minute of order processing with customers. Small, interdisciplinary, competent management teams or managers take on large and/or complex engineering projects and work together with specialist capacity groups in a structured manner in order to ultimately implement the workload in time, in cost, in quality and profit-oriented for our customers .    


Supplier Management - stabilize the profit

Keep budgets and risks under control
Our specific services for your procurement:
  • Development of high-performance and profit-oriented procurement processes
  • Budget analysis for the procurement of complex systems
  • Recognize technical cost potentials of procurement
  • Supplier evaluation - finding the right project partner
  • Contract award - explain the project to the supplier
  • Supplier management - achieving our goals with the supplier
  • Contract management - formulating contracts for "real life conditions"

Many companies work sequentially. Each process step follows the previous step. Engineering is followed by the procurement process. Procurement often means procuring fully developed trades, systems and assemblies, right down to individual parts and services according to engineering specifications. The best price is determined by comparing offers. Suppliers are pre-selected and qualified, have been involved systematically for many years or supposedly have no alternative. The best offer price is understood as the absolute minimum at the time of the order and communicated as de facto unchangeable. Award processes and subsequent supplier management are perceived as a burdensome additional task to the actual core task of "triggering the order". The result of this standard process is, on the one hand, a great deal of uncertainty as to whether cost budgets can be adhered to at all. The truth is known at the end of the procurement process and not at the beginning of the project, as is necessary. On the other hand, a very high budget risk is carried over to the end of the order, as many errors and additional costs arise in complex system purchases due to business-oriented contract design and performance reviews.

We therefore offer our customers two service packages. On the one hand, the methodical development of parallelized procurement processes, with a focus on profit-oriented system awards and risk-reducing supplier management. On the other hand, we take on projects, tasks and activities at specialist leadership and management level for the above-mentioned sub-processes of supplier management in the company.  


Project management - funnel the profit

Channel profit and risk in day-to-day operations
Our specific services for your projects and goals:
  • Development of profit-oriented project and program management
  • Technical sales management - we convince customers through content
  • Product strategy - we develop technically economical concepts
  • Corporate strategy - execution of short, medium and long-term planning
  • Classic project management and program management
  • Claim management in the project, against customers and suppliers
  • Integration management for production systems and products
  • Management of ramp-up and trouble-shooting processes
  • Methodical projects such as lessons learned, reviews, reporting, tracking
  • Damage analyses, root cause strategies and communication tracking

Project management, program management, special projects and special tasks, the holy grail in the company. Many companies are convinced that they need a matrix-oriented order processing structure. Some can measure and quantify the real benefits. Few are aware of the actual skills required for the profit-oriented execution of completed new and complex tasks. Terms such as project manager, project leader, order processor and staff function are projected onto a wide variety of tasks without reflection. In summary, this leads to a dilution of the actual idea for a definable, one-off task with a considerable degree of novelty or complexity to place one person at the head of all decisions in order to complete the task with maximum efficiency. Focus, knowledge, assertiveness, organizational talent and authenticity are preferred terms.

At pureLEADERSHIP, we overlay all of these terms with the term "profit orientation". By this we mean that every action, every decision, every instruction is prioritized and examined in terms of its profit impact. How this works in terms of content and how to teach project managers this method of action is one of our company's service packages. We organize your project management according to the "profit-oriented project management" method.  

A further service package is the responsible assumption of projects, tasks and activities in matrix-organized, interdisciplinary structures. Examples of contracts awarded to us are listed above. The task is always performed by an experienced project manager. If in-depth specialist expertise is required, we provide this ourselves through our knowledge network within the company.


Service Management - expand the profit

Turning the potential of the installed base into profit
Our specific services for your service structure:
  • Determining the potential for your company's services
  • Development of service strategies to leverage the potential
  • Sales support for new and complex service offerings
  • Project management for new and complex service projects
  • Engineering services for service projects

Do you really know and utilize the potential of your installed product, machine and plant base in the global field? Do the products, machines and systems of your competitors or other companies also belong to your service potential? How do the political and technical changes of our time affect the potential in service? For example, quantifying the change in potential due to Industry 4.0 and the digitalization of products and services? Many companies do not have a structurally developed, timely answer to current questions about service potential. Once new business areas have been identified and new service cases defined, the question arises as to how the potential profit from new service business can be leveraged with limited resources. The sales team must market the new opportunities, for which it must be familiar with them in depth and trained. The existing service team must implement additional service projects with new content. New service processes must be introduced for series products. The implementation of new and exemplary service projects in mechanical and plant engineering requires special efforts. Finally, capacity must be provided, particularly in engineering and procurement.

We perform these tasks for you. Be it management-oriented, strategic tasks or capacity-related issues in supply chain and engineering. Interim management, project work or fixed-price contracts - just ask us.  


Top Management - harvest the profit

Set guard rails, stay on track and reap the rewards
Our specific services for the company:
  • Interim management at the highest top management level for reorganization, change projects, structuring projects, profit maximization, reorganization, restructuring, global processes

  • Interim staffing of executive management positions and management positions along the value chain. Sales, project planning, engineering, purchasing, production, on-site  

  • Content-related support, coaching and sparring when filling company-relevant positions along the value chain or in specialist departments
  • Content-related support, coaching and sparring in strategic corporate planning. Market strategies, product strategies, controlling
  • Special tasks in top or executive management that cannot be postponed. If we are legitimized, we act consistently and with a firm hand, legally compliant and authentic

Urgent positions, projects and tasks in corporate management often arise unexpectedly and require immediate attention and solutions. This is not so much because companies are not fundamentally prepared, but because corporate issues are subject to a global, market-based and dynamic complexity and multi-layered nature for which a profit-oriented company cannot prepare. The solution to this problem is our service for top and executive management issues.
pureLEADERSHIP Interim Management - knowledgeable, experienced, authentic, immediately available.