Provision of methodically structured, industrial business processes to generate profits for our customers

Our product for our customers are methodical, preconfigured business processes for the industrial value chain. We concentrate on the "white collar" processes.
Top and executive management, corporate development, accounting and controlling, project management, sales, project planning, engineering, procurement and supply chain, production planning, industrial engineering, assembly and construction site planning, installation and ramp-up, and service. All of these processes are subject to the same corporate objective - to generate profits in day-to-day operations. Over many years of operational experience at all management levels of industrial companies, we have developed a management and action method for this and combined it with scientific principles. The result is our service product. We call it "The management method for the profit orientation of technology-driven companies in industry". All of the processes described above (companies, specialist departments, teams and even individuals) are subject to the same success pattern. Content must be generated, prepared, adapted to specific situations and transferred as structured results to further processes. Professional communication is necessary within the processes, as well as internally along the value chain, and externally to customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. Our method now changes the interaction of the processes as well as the action strategies of the executing persons. As a result, the processes work highly efficiently after the introduction of our method and are focused on the most important parameter - "the company's profit". The value creation process is flanked by profitable products, machines and systems, as well as the leadership and management quality of the people responsible.

Customers can use our corporate processes and services by