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Our CONFIRMED BRAND pureLEADERSHIP is our guiding principle.

Our company, pL INDUSTRY PARTNERS, based in Munich, Germany, offers management services for industrial companies.

You need new strategies and business models
for your company ?

Would you like to reduce the costs of value creation and increase profit margins?

Do you need to reorganize your products and processes and radically focus on profit?

We fill interim management positions in industrial companies. From CEO and management, to site and plant management, to executive management for business units and specialist areas. Our knowledge and experience is also available to our clients in project-oriented cooperation. In addition to project-oriented executives, we offer entire management teams as well as capacitive specialist groups along the industrial value chain. Sales, project management, engineering, supply chain, production, installation, ramp-up, trouble-shooting, service projects. Get in touch with us. We are at your disposal when management and capacity are required in your value creation processes.

Our USP is the method to increase your profits :
"The management method for the profit orientation of technology-driven companies in industry"

Our industrial activities focus on mechanical and plant engineering, automotive engineering, vehicle production and e-mobility, the technical supply industry, manufacturing companies and aerospace.

Read what BENEFITS our services have for your PROFIT!

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Would you like to become a manager with our services and take on responsibility in your company? "MIND YOUR GAP and take the first step. It is your "CAREER" - Test yourself!

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Management Blog

Profit-oriented project management .....

Few industrial terms have been written and published about more than "project management". Even the term itself has been examined in many different ways in an attempt to find a valid definition. Our brief therefore does not deal fundamentally with project management as a method. We describe the embedding of the project management applied in each case in the most important benefit of the method. Increasing profits in the project! Our project profit improvement method is a general approach and not limited to project management. Read in the brief how we combine our method of increasing profits with classic project management .....

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How long does a technological lead last .....

Technology is the decisive step in the competition for an order. Your product, service or production process will only be successful and generate profit if you have the decisive technological edge. As you are constantly using your technological advantage because you constantly need orders, the question arises as to how long your advantage will last and how you can recognize that your advantage is coming to an end. You can recognize this at .....

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Management theory
Leadership styles are overrated .....

There is a debate about which management style is the most successful. The spectrum ranges from "collegial team-oriented" to "authoritarian hierarchical". Don't make the mistake of many (leaders) who believe that anyone can lead, you just have to learn enough, work on enough case studies, use prepared tools and pre-formulated situational wording. To become a top leader, you need to develop your own leadership style. You do this by .....

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