Our training programs are aimed at companies seeking to systematically develop their managers. Our courses are also aimed at private individuals who wish to pursue a management career or consolidate their career. We see on-the-job training as a systematic expansion of skills in the field of leadership. In addition to the basic content on "how to manage people and companies", we expand our offerings to include entrepreneurial topics on profit-oriented order processing. For example, we offer further training courses on topics such as project management, program management, risk management, claim management, customer management, crisis management, trouble shooting or specialist management, engineering management and supply chain management. Once people have been trained, they have to prove themselves in practice. On-the-job coaching ensures that newly acquired skills are effective in practice and that the objectives of the managed unit are achieved as desired. People who are already efficient managers can use our Sparring on the job management program to train confidence in decision-making by discussing and reflecting on their issues with us as external managers on an equal footing.


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Career Blog - Talk and Reflect

Your questions about leadership in the industry

You have general or personal questions about leadership in the industry. Your career development is important to you. Current issues in your working environment need an answer. You would simply like to discuss your work and leadership issues with someone you trust.

We offer you our career blog for this purpose. Take part for a small monthly fee. You can then ask us questions about your career and leadership issues and receive an individual answer to each question from our career experts. We neutralize all the questions we receive from you - our blog sponsors - and derive general questions. We then regularly address individual questions publicly in our Instagram blog CARL::A. By the way, as a participant in our career blog, you receive all our career services at preferential conditions. Get in touch with us.


Further training - on the job

Leadership training makes every day an education

We combine your personal training or, for companies, the training of individuals and teams with everyday practice. Regardless of the training topics, we train in a workshop format. Prior to the training days, we deal intensively with your practice and incorporate your company's current problems and issues into the training. In addition, you can define training topics relating to management theory and profit orientation in value creation processes yourself and provide us with content specifications and individual requirements.

Our core content is "how to manage people and companies in a profit-oriented way". We offer topics such as project management, program management, risk management, claim management, customer management, crisis management, troubleshooting or technical leadership, engineering management and supply chain management as part of our management theory. 


Coaching & sparring - on the job

Reflecting on and professionalizing leadership

Acquiring knowledge is the theoretical side of skill. Turning knowledge into excellent leadership every day is the far more difficult challenge. Trying to lead, failing and trying again quickly leads to failure. Unfortunately, practice does not forgive mistakes. It is not a training ground where everyone knows and accepts that things can go wrong. The practice demands excellence from you, immediately and sustainably, without pardon. And you can deliver by building up a sustainable feedback network of coaching and sparring. Directly, every day ready to talk, every day solution-oriented for your practical requirements. On site or virtually. The aim of our method is to keep you on the road to success through timely and up-to-date management discussions. To give you the urgent feedback you need to be better tomorrow than you are today. Practice does not tolerate procrastination. Do not tolerate this in your management tasks either.


Briefs on management in practice.

Put together your own management handbook

In this section you will find individual self-contained briefs on topics from management practice in industry, as well as on the efficient implementation of the product development chain. Various short business cases from day-to-day management and corporate management in general round off the knowledge-oriented briefs. Give us a keyword relating to your interest and we will send you the corresponding brief. Examples are:
leadership styles, impact of leadership, project management, program management, risk management, claim management, customer management, crisis management, trouble shooting or technical leadership, engineering management and supply chain management.