pureLEADERSHIP® a brand

the - R&R pureINDUSTRY GmbH - with German headquarters in Munich / Bavaria. In the area of industry and technology. Our company focuses on management services for industrial companies. The sectors of mechanical and plant engineering, automotive engineering, vehicle production and e-mobility, as well as aviation are our home. We provide management services on an interim basis and assume responsibility directly at the customer's site. We provide our project-oriented offers and service products with managers and management teams along the operational value creation processes of a company. On request, we can put together complete teams of specialists and are able to deliver high performance in terms of capacity.

We offer a comprehensive training and further education program for people who want to become disciplinary managers or specialist managers and project managers or for companies interested in strategic qualification in the field of management and leadership. From informative briefs, training courses and career advice to coaching and sparring for individuals or entire teams.

Management is - pureLEADERSHIP - is management

Benefit-oriented service products

Business Development - Strategies and business models for your company

Operational Management - Increase your profit in value-added processes

Technical Restructuring - Achieving a radical profit orientation with restructuring

Making a career - Take on leadership and responsibility

The management method for the profit orientation of technology-driven companies in industry

A tribute to a crafted strategy for technology driven companies, developed by engineer's to generate profit in real life business


Our philosophy


"Leadership" We see "leadership" as a guiding concept for industrial companies that strive for an efficient orientation of all actions towards profit. We have developed a management method for this guiding principle which, when applied in everyday operations, demands a profit-oriented decision for every action, every process and every product. Our method defines profit-oriented decision criteria for each process event along the lead time. These decision criteria have a goal-focusing effect, like funnel-shaped guard rails, and force the people involved to succeed - to make a profit. We apply this method in all our service offerings for industry. It is effective across all disciplines. This enables us to provide management services in a wide range of specialist areas such as sales, project management, engineering, supply chain, production, installation, ramp-up, trouble-shooting and service.
We call this method :'
The management method for the profit orientation of technology-driven companies in industry

"Leadership" We see "leadership" as the guiding concept for personal success and careers in the professional lives of people who want to be economically successful in industrial companies. We support and accelerate the achievement of these goals by providing specific training, coaching and sparring. The success of individuals and entire teams in companies is our goal. Our methodology is again based on our guiding principle of "profit orientation". In a fractal model of thought and action, we teach profit-oriented leadership, methodically identical, at all hierarchical levels of a company.
We call this method:
The leadership theory for the profit orientation of technology-driven companies in industry

"Leadership" For us, leadership means that we take responsibility for our actions and are aware of the consequences of our decisions. We implement and deliver strategic and operational profit for your company and for you personally.
We call our actions:
Taking responsibility; knowledgeable, experienced, authentic - achieving goals; in quality, in time, in cost

Our corporate structure

Our concept, our structure, our specialist and management knowledge and our content-related methods of action are supported by Stephan Rimpl Dipl.-Ing.(FH) MBA and Jochen Müller Dipl.-Kaufmann(Univ.)as experienced and tried and tested industrial managers. Prior to their entrepreneurial commitment, they achieved success at all management levels of various globally operating companies in mechanical and plant engineering, automotive engineering and aviation. They combined their experience from career positions as CEO, COO, plant manager, director, department manager and team leader with scientific approaches to technology, business administration and management theory to create the method-based, industrial management service pureLEADERSHIP.  

Our contract projects are subject to the overall management of Mr. Rimpl and Mr. Müller. Interim mandates at top management level and in executive management are taken on personally or filled by top management partners. For the comprehensive implementation of the diverse management, specialist management and project management tasks we offer, we draw on our established and selected excellence network of managers and executives from industrial practice as required. If specialist capacity groups are required, e.g. in engineering, plant planning, product development, etc., we involve partner companies with many years of experience. This network includes, for example, specialists in business accounting, controlling and corporate finance. Technically and economically active engineers with operational experience in product and process costing, value analysis or industrial engineering. Engineering offices with large capacity resources in interdisciplinary technology (mechanics, electrics, media, software, digitalization), specialists from scientific disciplines such as simulation, process technology and numerical physics. Organizational developers, trainers and psychologists for our structuring, leadership, training and coaching topics.
Our Excellence Network :

  • Capacities in engineering of all disciplines, technologies, industrial engineering, value analysis, R&D, as well as quality management and documentation for up to 100 people
  • Project management capacities for up to 15 people
  • Capacity with interim managers of any discipline, within 2-3 weeks through associated partners and agencies
  • Production capacity and automation system construction through customer partners in our network
  • Scientific support from 2 German and 2 Swiss universities and colleges
  • Marketing and market research by associated partner companies
  • Cost accounting, controlling and auditing by associated partners
  • Human Resource Business through associated partners
  • Legal, commercial law, labor law, patent law, M&A process through associated law firm