Strategies & business models for your company

Products and services can only survive on the market if they follow a clearly defined business model. There must be a raison d'être for your products, services and processes. At pureLEADERSHIP , we call these models "technical business models". In industry, profits are only generated if the basic technical products, technical processes or technical services pass a well-founded and systematic technical-economic profit analysis. Our products for technical business models are therefore structured in stages for efficient application in practice. Simply take advantage of an initial sparring session at eye level. Or buy individualized business models for your industrial sector from pureLEADERSHIP with little effort. You can have your products, services and processes subjected to a sound technical and economic analysis. Or you can take a more commercial approach with our Commercial Package - analyze calculations, P&L & balance sheet individually and make them profitable. Of course, we are also ready to develop and implement extensive new business opportunities together with you on a methodical basis. All our service products follow the approach of analyzing your products, your processes or your services without company-specific barriers and field of vision limitations, i.e. under practice-oriented "greenfield conditions". We use facts to make necessities transparent and deliver individual solutions for the profit orientation of your industrial company.   


Talk about Goals

Sparring at eye level with decision-makers

Decision-makers decide. They bear the burden of responsibility for the success of the company. Every decision-maker knows the situation in the company. They have to decide at the end of a decision-making process. Not democratically, but hierarchically as the top manager of the respective decision-making pyramid. Of course, there is coordination within the team, but the uncertainty surrounding the final decision remains a personal problem for the decision-maker. Accept our offer. A sparring session at eye level with an industry colleague. Like a boxer who puts his strategy to the test before the decisive fight. Not with an opponent or a dependent, but with a challenger who knows the arena of the decision. Build on our experience, our knowledge and our authenticity in the industrial business. Book our "Talk about Goals" package, a methodical one-day sparring session at your company. In private with you as the decision-maker. We give you the security you need to make a personal, final decision.


Business Development Basics

Review business models

Are you concerned about the changes in your industry? Is the concrete operational, economic pressure increasing? Do you want and need to act? But how should this task be tackled and managed? Every step costs money and every step can be wasted. We offer our standardized business models for the industry to provide orientation and an initial introduction. These business models, which can be purchased directly from us, are individualized assessments of your potential from a market and technical perspective, including recommendations for action. Simply send us your basic company information (usually your company prospectus is sufficient) and purchase our "Business Development Basics" service. Within 4 weeks, we will provide you with an individual assessment and recommendations for action, including two personal discussions about your business.   


Technical Business Analytics

Greenfield Theory, use the technical-economic analysis

Technical Business Analytics (TBA) is the transfer of the results-oriented numerical analysis of business administration to technical business processes, products or projects. We use the documents relating to your existing business model to determine whether your business can even survive on the market at a profit in its current state of execution. To do this, we use the Greenfield Theory approach and develop an ideal real picture for your manufacturing and marketing process. We then use a deviation analysis to describe the necessary change processes in your company. After our analysis, you will be able to steer the change towards the profit orientation of your business models. You will receive technical expertise and recommendations for action from our experts. Get in touch with us or send us your individual technical and economic documents. Our package includes four consulting days, including a detailed analytics report.   


Commercial Package

Align calculations, P&L & balance sheet with profit orientation

Your cost analysis and cost calculation for sales prices of products or services is the basis for generating profits. The income statement shows whether a business unit has actually generated an operating profit in a given period. The annual balance sheet documents the sustainable management and stability of your company. However, the income statement, like the balance sheet, is a look in the rear-view mirror. The assessment of future profits from operating business is derived much more from a market-adapted cost calculation. It is necessary to look ahead. We use our knowledge and experience for you and analyze your profit expectations using the "top-down method" based on the prices achievable on the market. The determination of individual sales prices is not based on the full cost approach, as is often the case, but on a dynamic cash flow product cost calculation.
Send us your typical documents (cost calculation, market price behavior, P&L, balance sheet). In our "Commercial Package", we analyze how you need to implement your costing process for greater profitability. We develop a concrete proposal for action and integration and evaluate the risks of your business model with regard to future profitability.


New Business Opportunities

Develop and implement strategies & business models

Do you need new business models? Are your existing business models in decline? Are local or global changes forcing you to adapt or realign your business models? Are technical changes and changing requirements in your industry forcing their way onto the market? Electrification, digitalization, networking, big data analytics, Industry 4.0 and many new trends require urgent action in this area? Or are you even disruptively affected? Our industry experience, our knowledge and our authenticity in business enable us to find and develop new approaches for profitable business models for companies. We bring together what brings success and work with you to develop a customized strategy for the future. This is to bring together your entrepreneurial opportunities with new global framework conditions, high availability of new technological approaches, rapidly changing customer requirements and new markets. If new business cases emerge from our collaboration, we can fill strategic and operational management positions in the company on request in order to increase the planned profit margins in "industrial real life".